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A smoke-free Parade?

posted 13 Nov 2017, 23:58 by Christel Mex
At Monday night's meeting on 6 Nov, I seconded the motion to ask the community what they thought about implementing a smoke-free policy for The Parade in Norwood.  The proposal is not to enforce fines for the time being but to distribute warnings.  In addition to positive health outcomes, other benefits would include an improved family-friendly atmosphere and much less litter on the footpaths (cigarette butts comprise 34% of the litter!).  When I did some research on this, I also found a journal article that demonstrated that smoke-free policies actually have a positive effect on the hospitality industry (Schollo et. al. 2003).  The downside is that smokers may be disenfranchised when they need all the help they can get to quit smoking.  What do you think?

I also seconded the motion to make our City a Small Business Friendly Council and supported our involvement in the City-Wide Business Awards, ensuring that recognise our 90000 small businesses and initiate policies that support their enterprises.