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Bell's Plumbers Shop

posted 26 Apr 2018, 01:43 by Christel Mex   [ updated 26 Apr 2018, 01:44 ]

At the April Council meeting, I was proud to second Councillor Moore’s motion to request that the State Government amend the Heritage Places Act to require the owners of State Heritage Places to maintain them in good condition. The Bell's Plumbers Shop cottage was built in 1883 by Sir John Colton, who was a Mayor of Adelaide and later became Premier. In 1985 the cottage was State Heritage listed not only for its history, but also because it is an excellent example of a Victorian-era shop in an area rich in history. In my opinion, laws to protect heritage buildings are enacted for good reason so that at least some of our history can be preserved for future generations. I am sympathetic with the views of A. Jones of Highbury (letters 18 April), but no one forced the current owner to purchase the property well after it was heritage listed. There are many examples of property owners who observe the law and develop heritage buildings with commercial success, while at the same time celebrating and respecting our history.