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Have your say - Draft Regional Public Health & Wellbeing Plan

posted 19 Mar 2015, 17:22 by Christel Mex

If you have an interest in the health and wellbeing of the community, the Council is seeking your input on the draft Regional Public Health Plan – Better Living Better Health.

The Plan outlines opportunities to promote and protect the public health of the community across 3 theme areas:

  • Environments for Health – including the built, natural and economic environmental features of the region which influence health (including transport, walkability and open space).
  • Capacity for Health - including lifestyle factors, community connections, access to services and community engagement.
  • Protecting Public Health - including immunisation, food safety, emergency management and public health services.

Download draft Plan and have your say

The Councils are now seeking public input on the draft Plan.

Download: Draft Regional Public Health and Wellbeing Plan

Survey: provide your input via this online survey

Alternatively, written submissions can be sent to:

Carlos Buzzetti
General Manager, Urban Planning & Environment
City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters
PO Box 204
or email:  

Submissions close 5pm 17 April 2015.