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Can more kids walk to school?

posted 10 Jun 2017, 18:03 by Christel Mex   [ updated 10 Jun 2017, 18:05 ]

At the June Council meeting I seconded the motion to endorse the Norwood Primary School’s 'Way2Go' project and mosaic art, which will encourage walking and cycling to schools and safe behaviours. It’s a great initiative that will improve fitness, community engagement and hopefully reduce traffic and parking issues around the school.

I also seconded the motion to seek feedback from residents on the introduction of time-limit parking controls on some sections in the southern end of Queen Street and eastern end of William Street. Council previously received a petition from residents describing their frustration in not having access to on-street parking for visitors, tradespeople and carers.
Minutes of the meeting can be found at:…/council_and_committees