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Smoke-free areas and events

posted 4 Feb 2015, 15:39 by Christel Mex

At last Monday’s meeting I spoke in support for smoke free areas and events in our city, including The Parade.  This is what I said:

I believe the most important factor that Council needs to consider is the health of our citizens, especially young children.

According to the Royal College of Physicians, children are at particular risk from exposure to second hand smoke due to their immature respiratory systems.

However I do note concerns of traders who have been spooked by the tobacco industry, and may fear that they will lose trade when the 2016 bans come in. 

According to the Victorian Health Centre for tobacco control, studies that analysed objective indictors of economic impact to the hospitality industry (which included sales tax receipts, revenues, employment and the number of restaurant and bar licenses issued) have generally found no evidence of negative economic impacts.

82% of Australians don’t smoke. Research has confirmed that an overwhelming majority of these non-smokers took measures to avoid exposer to second-hand smoke – so they’re actively looking for non-smoking establishments.

And its not only non-smokers who acknowledge health risks to passive smoking. An International survey found that 72% of smokers agreed that second hand smoke caused cancer - and 76% agreed that it caused asthma in children.

I applaud these measures and believe that they will be supported by our citizens and increase revenue for our traders. I only wish they didn’t take so long to be implemented.