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What happened at the February 2016 meeting?

posted 23 Feb 2016, 22:52 by Christel Mex

The proposal for the city-wide 40 KPH speed limit was knocked on the head due to over 70% of residents indicating (through a survey) that they were happy with the current speed limits. I think that reducing the limit to 40 KPH is warranted for some of our narrow streets where pedestrians, cyclists and scooters need to share the roads with motorists – and 50 KPH is not safe under these conditions.

I moved the motion to endorse in principle, the reconstruction of four tennis courts at Buttery Reserve as part of Council’s 2016-17 budget, subject to the outcome of the Norwood Tennis Club’s funding application to the State Government.  The courts are a great community asset and the Club has some innovative program ideas that will reinvigorate the area.

 I seconded the motion put by Cr MacRae to request the Local Government Association (LGA) to prepare a report on how local councils can provide practical and policy support for members of our community who suffer domestic violence.  I also supported her motion for the LGA to consider supporting the moving of Australia to a day that is more relevant for all Australians and all states in the Commonwealth – such as 1 January when we became a federation. Unfortunately, this motion was lost.

Minutes of the meeting can be found here: