Report a problem

Your damaged bin can be replaced

If the body of your bin is cracked or damage, the whole bin might be able to be replaced free of charge by phoning the Council depot on 8360 9001. If a repair will do, like a cracked lid or broken wheels, contact East Waste on 8347 5111 and they can book a free repair for you. This applies to all bins, red, yellow and green.

Do you have a complaint about a Council service?
Contact the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters about your issue at

Feel free to copy me at and I can follow up the issue on your behalf. 

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Spot a problem on the footpath or council infrastructure?  

If you have a mobile phone you can take a photo and send it through to Council on the "Snap, Send, Solve" app  by downloading it in your App Store or at

                                    Before                                                                        After

You can also 'snap and send' photos of abandoned trolleys and the ‘app’ will send the photo and its GPS location to your local supermarket.

Otherwise you can send an email with a description of the problem to or phone Council on 8366 4555.